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Bronwyn Hayward


Disability Pride Week from 30 November to 5 December 2017 is coming soon. We are delighted to see conversations spreading and are certainly planting the seeds for 2018 and beyond. Internationally over the past year, the number of Disability Pride events taking place in multiple locations has increased compared to the previous year. We are part of an international movement so we are on to a good thing

The Disability Pride Aotearoa website

Here you can read more about the ideas behind Disability Pride Week, how to upload your event and more importantly, the kaupapa for the week.  Nick Ruane, one of the coordinators for the week wrote a blog exploring the significance of Disability Pride for disabled people.  He says, the disability rights movement is claiming its place within the wider human rights movements by using the Pride movement and is ‘Claiming its Place’ within this wider human rights context to improve society for both disabled people and society as well.   Read more here

Facebook updates

These are being posted every day. We are grateful to those who share our posts, spreading the word widely. Spreading the seeds. Have you seen the video of Mojo Mathers talking about what Disability Pride means to her?  We have more videos being made so keep an eye out for them. We also welcome items from you, about your activities and anything you’d like to share about Disability Pride.

Wanted: ideas

A number of people have asked for ideas, particularly those that can be organised at short notice. Perhaps have a picnic or a BBQ using the theme Disability Pride and invite people to share their thoughts. Invite someone important in your community for morning/afternoon tea. Organise a lunch with both disabled and non-disabled people for a chat. Create a mural. Design some tee shirts. Write a song or poem and give a performance.    There are many possibilities.

Defiant Lives

 This film tells the story of the rise and fight of the disability rights movement in the United States, Britain and Australia.  We are hoping to see it screened throughout New Zealand with Wellington (1 & 2 December), Palmerston North and Whangarei lining up screening times now. Other locations are being identified. If you’d like to help in your location, please contact us.  Erin Gough from the Human Rights Commission saw the film in New York and says: “As a young disabled woman, the film gave me an appreciation for the generations of disability rights campaigners before me and motivated me to keep doing my bit to help make even more progress. A very powerful and captivating story.” Read more about the film online

Part of an international movement

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