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"Disability Pride is about valuing ourselves as disabled people, valuing our contributions to society, participation and a sense of belonging, being part of society, it’s about standing tall as who you are."  

Mojo Mathers became a Green Party Member of Parliament in 2011 and in doing so, she became New Zealand’s first Deaf MP.  The outcome of the 2017 election meant that Mojo lost her seat.

As an MP, Mojo was active in promoting Deaf and disability issues within Parliament so it was fitting to interview her about Disability Pride within the old Parliament Buildings during her final week in Wellington.   

Mojo tells her personal thoughts on Disability Pride and shares her experience as a new politician. She moved from wanting to pass for a hearing person by saying "Sorry, I’m hard of hearing" to the realisation that she couldn’t do it the same way as hearing people.

Once Mojo accepted that she had to do things differently she began to say, "I’m Deaf and I’m going to need notetakers to do my work." Things became easier for her. Mojo now promotes Deaf and Disability Pride.

Mojo Mathers talks about Disability Pride

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