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Let’s keep the momentum going

Let's keep the momentum going and get involved in Disability Pride Week 2018, on from Monday 26 November to Monday 3 December 2018.

Disability Pride Week logoGet involved

We invite you to be part of it. How?  By setting up an event or showcasing something that:

  • explores and projects Disability Pride
  • has disabled people taking a leading voice and a lead and/or partnership role in the planning and development of the event or activity being showcased
  • acknowledge members of the disability community who have gone (many of whom helped us to arrive to where we are today)
  • is fun and inclusive.

 What is Disability Pride Week?

Disability Pride Week is an international annual event that promotes visibility and mainstream awareness of the positive pride felt by people with disabilities within their community.

This is the third year Disability Pride Week has been hosted in New Zealand to promote inclusion, awareness, and visibility of people with disabilities, and redefine public perception of disability. 

Let’s build on that. Start thinking, connect with others, and see what you can do to promote and demonstrate disability pride in your community.

Email us to share your ideas.

Why is it important?

"Before anyone can really begin to fight a culture of prejudice to replace it with a culture of human rights, they must first begin to develop a sense of pride in their identity. And this means not just a pride in their humanity, not just as a pride in their membership of the human community, but also – and more importantly – a pride in those very aspects of their identity that have led others to discriminate against them and oppress them." - Parson, Ian. Cripples, Coons, Fags and Fems: a look at how four human rights movements have fought prejudice. Geelong: Villamanta, 1999

Let’s keep the momentum going

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