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Disability Pride 2020

14 - 20 September (Monday to Sunday)

Theme: Setting the Agenda

When: August 2020 till the general elections and referendums - 19 Sept 2020

It's a pivotal year for Aotearoa and the world. We as disabled people have shared our resourcefulness and resilience during the covid-19 pandemic. Practices like remote working and creating mutual care networks sprung up amazingly fast. But now, while the Government decides how the country will build back better after Covid, we have to keep the spotlight on our disabled voices.   

With a General Election and two key referendums in September, let's use our disability pride to make our perspectives and questions as disabled voters visible.  

Hashtags: #DisabilityPride, #DisabilityPrideNZ, #DisabledandProud, #CripTheVote

Get involved

We know election season is an extremely busy time. So we suggest integrating chances to showcase disabled people's perspectives and creativity into your workdays, social media posts, art, campaigns, dinner conversations and more. 


Conversation starters:

  • What would Aotearoa look like if disability was celebrated?
  • What would Aotearoa look like if you always felt seen and accepted as a disabled person?
  • What disability-related question do you have for MPs in the lead-up to the General Election?


For allies

You have an important role to play by amplifying disability perspectives. When our views are too often ignored or passed over, sharing our content, asking us for our ideas and reading disabled writers goes a long way towards spreading and normalising the idea of listening to our voices.



We're stronger together so try and remember to use hashtags in your social media posts. #DisabilityPride, #DisabilityPrideNZ, #DisabledandProud, #CripTheVote


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