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Change of Dates

We’ve moved Disability Pride Week from December to September.   

While it was good to link with the International Day of Disabled People on December 3 reality meant many people were already overcommitted with end of year, pre-Christmas events.   Venues charge premium prices and are usually booked out too.    University students are away, schools are winding down to the end of the year making it harder to include young disabled people in activities related to Disability Pride Week. 

Feedback from people suggested we look at September as an alternative option, so we checked with the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand to find a week that did not clash with another disability related cause.   

Internationally July is seen as Disability Pride month however for us in New Zealand July is the middle of winter when it is likely to be cold and unpleasant.   September is spring, it is warmer, and we hope people can be involved.  Schools and Universities are open, venues will be cheaper, and people won’t be exhausted with organising and being part of end of year events.  

September also allows us more time to follow through with our messages and with connections made during the week without having to stop for the long New Zealand summer break.  Politically our messages can be sent to local and national politicians before either the local or national elections and hopefully allow us all to continue our important conversations.

Change of Dates

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